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There are 6576 works of art in this category

Icon: St Nicholas with a Deisis and Selected Saints


Geel, Joost van. 1631-1698

"Portrait of Grigory Dushin"

Mazel, Ruvim (Ilya). 1890-1967

In the Kitchen

Noter, David Emil Joseph de. 1825-1875 or 1887

A Children's Bacchanal

Wit, Jacob de. 1695/96-1754

Bacchus and Ariadne

Denis, Maurice. 1870-1943

Bouquet of Flowers on a Veranda

Matisse, Henri. 1869-1954

Portrait of Fyodor Apraxin

Rural Feast

Droochsloot, Jost Cornelisz. 1586-1666

Susanna and the Elders

Bassano, Leandro (Leandro da Ponte). 1557-1622

The Tolstoy Family in Venice

Carlini, Giulio. 1826-1887

Sailing-Boats In Deauville

Dufy, Raoul. 1877-1953

Portrait of Peter I

Nattier, Jean-Marc (?). 1685-1766

Holy Family with St John the Baptist

Garofalo (Benvenuto Tisi), c. 1481-1559

Portrait of Grigory I. Lisanevich (1756-1832)

George Dawe and his workshop

Portrait of Count Nikolai Zubov


There are 4173 works of art in this category

St Denis Street. Paris

Portrait of Marshal de Saint-Andre

Anonymous Artist. 1560s - 1570s

Sketches of Figures

Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola). 1503-1540

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The First Reserved Apartment. The Bedroom of Grand Princess Maria Nikolayevna

Hau, Edward. 1807-1887


Prigov, Dmitry. 1940-2007

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Study of Emperor Alexander II

Hau, Edward. 1807-1887

Palace of Count P. S. Stroganov. Drawing-Room

Mayblum, Jules. 1860s

Architectural Fantasy in Gothic Style

Gonzaga, Pietro di Gottardo. 1751-1831

Black Square

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Winter Garden

Ukhtomsky, Konstantin. 1818-1881


Kügelgen, Carl Ferdinand von. 1772-1832

Fortune Telling Icon

Descent of the Holy Spirit

Dyck, Anthony van. 1599-1641

Funeral of Emperor Alexander III in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St Petersburg

Brozh, Karl. 1836-1901

View of the Theatre in Taormina

Houel, Jean-Pierre-Laurent. 1735-1813

View of Mount Bingemma on Malta

Houel, Jean-Pierre-Laurent. 1735-1813


There are 264 works of art in this category

Portrait of General I.S. Raisky

Bouchardy, Étienne. 1797-1849/50

Portrait of an Indian Prince

Baha ad-din Gilani

Portrait of Princess Metternich as Hebe

Bauer, Johann Georg. 1743-1804

Autumn (? )

Mostaert, Gillis. 1534-1598

Beautiful Woman

The Battle between Nader Shah and the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah

Youth with a Cup

Portrait of Charles X Gustav (1622-1660), King of Sweden

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of a Man

Anonymous Artist, first quarter of the 19th century

Miniature: St Peter

Huaud, Jean-Pierre (?). 1655-1723

Portrait of Grand Princess Alexandra Fyodorovna

Benner, Jean-Henri. 1776-1836

Monkey Riding a Bear

Portrait of Adolf Frederick I, King of Sweden (1710-1771)

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of Youth with a Branch of Blossoming Chrysanthemum

Portrait of Johan III Vasa, King of Sweden (1537-1592)

Anonymous Artist

Portrait of Napoleon I

Isabey, Jean-Baptiste. 1767-1855


There are 5438 works of art in this category


Fletcher, Henry. 1715-1738

Portrait of Racine

"Se passant la fantaisie de faire naufrager la flotte Anglo-Française"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

"Robert Macaire Avocat"

Daumier, Honoré. 1808-1879

"Entendons nous bien! "

Abraham and Melchizedech

Witdoeck, Jan (Hans), c. 1615-c. 1642

Portrait of Peter the Great

Bobrov, Viktor. 1842-1918

Portrait of Princess M.A. Menshikova

Osipov, Alexey. 1770-1850

Portrait of Felix Elstone

Wagner, Ludwig, c. 1780-?

The Possessed in the Synagogue

Self Portrait in a Cap: Laughing. B.316

Battle of Cape Gangut July 27, 1714

Zubov, Aleksey. 1682/83-1751

"Portrait of Fyodor Tolstoy"

Borel, Pyotr. 1829-1898

Pike Duel of Two Characters (Niyu yarishen–no ju )


Hogarth, William. 1697-1764

View of an Arch and the Ruins of a Temple from the Western Side

Müller, Johann Sebastian. 1715-1792